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Vaadin comes with two built-in icon sets:

Lumo Icons

The Lumo Icons are designed to fit in with the default Lumo theme style. They are drawn on a 24×24 pixel canvas with a 16×16 pixel active area for the icon itself and a safe area of 4 pixels around the icon, allowing for better visual balance across the icons.

Vaadin Icons

The Vaadin Icons are drawn on a 16×16 pixel canvas, and have no safe area around the icon. By default, the Icon/<vaadin-icon> component renders icons on a 24×24 pixel canvas, so Vaadin Icons are scaled up and look bigger than the Lumo icons.

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import { Iconset } from '@vaadin/icon/vaadin-iconset.js';
import '@vaadin/icon';
import '@vaadin/icons';
import '@vaadin/vaadin-lumo-styles/vaadin-iconset';

const DEPRECATED_ICONS: Record<string, string> = {
  'vaadin:buss': 'vaadin:bus',
  'vaadin:palete': 'vaadin:palette',
  'vaadin:funcion': 'vaadin:function',
  'vaadin:megafone': 'vaadin:megaphone',
  'vaadin:trendind-down': 'vaadin:trending-down',

export class IconsPreview extends HTMLElement {
  connectedCallback() {
    const lumoIconset = Iconset.getIconset('lumo');
    const vaadinIconset = Iconset.getIconset('vaadin');

    // A hack to get the `_icons` property computed.

    // @ts-ignore
    let iconNames = Object.keys(lumoIconset._icons).map((name) => 'lumo:' + name);
    // @ts-ignore
    iconNames = iconNames.concat(Object.keys(vaadinIconset._icons).map((name) => 'vaadin:' + name));

    let html = `
        .icons-preview {
          display: flex !important;
          flex-direction: column;
          align-items: center;
          border: 1px solid var(--docs-divider-color-1);
          border-radius: var(--docs-border-radius-l);

        .icons-preview ul {
          display: grid;
          list-style: none;
          grid-template-columns: repeat(auto-fit, minmax(8rem, 1fr));
          width: 100%;
          max-height: 60vh;
          margin: 0;
          padding: 1px;
          overflow: auto;

        .icons-preview li {
          display: block;

        .docs-icon-preview {
          text-align: center;
          padding-bottom: var(--docs-space-l);
          line-height: 1;

        .docs-icon-preview vaadin-icon {
          outline: 1px dashed var(--docs-divider-color-2);
          margin-bottom: 0.5em;

        .docs-icon-preview.deprecated {
          text-decoration: line-through;

        .docs-icon-preview.hidden {
          display: none;

        .docs-icon-preview-name {
          display: block;
          font-size: var(--docs-font-size-2xs);
          color: var(--docs-secondary-text-color);

        .docs-icon-search {
          flex: none;
          max-width: 20em;
          margin: var(--docs-space-m) auto;
          font: inherit;
          font-size: var(--docs-font-size-m);
          border: 1px solid var(--docs-divider-color-2);
          background: var(--docs-surface-color-1);
          color: var(--docs-body-text-color);
          border-radius: var(--docs-border-radius-m);
          padding: var(--docs-space-xs) var(--docs-space-s);

      <input class="docs-icon-search" type="search" aria-label="Search all icons" placeholder="Search all icons">

    iconNames.forEach((name: string) => {
      let title = '';
      const isDeprecated = name in DEPRECATED_ICONS;

      if (isDeprecated) {
        title = `Since Vaadin 21, '${name}' is deprecated. Please use '${DEPRECATED_ICONS[name]}' instead.`;

      html += `
          class="docs-icon-preview icon-${name} ${isDeprecated ? 'deprecated' : ''}"
          <vaadin-icon icon="${name}"></vaadin-icon>
          <span class="docs-icon-preview-name">${name}</div>

    html += '</ul>';

    this.innerHTML = html;

    const search = this.querySelector('input');
    search?.addEventListener('input', () => {
      this.querySelectorAll('.docs-icon-preview').forEach((icon) => {
          icon.className.toLowerCase().indexOf(search.value.toLowerCase()) === -1

customElements.define('icons-preview', IconsPreview);


Icon lumoIcon = new Icon("lumo", "photo");
Icon vaadinIcon = new Icon(VaadinIcon.PHONE);

add(lumoIcon, vaadinIcon);

The icons are rendered as an inline <svg> element inside the shadow root of a <vaadin-icon> element, allowing you to style them using CSS.